"No Pain - No Brain; treat yourself with respect"

Building People and Programs

Twinman Consulting's vision is to build people that are resilient and programs that have a firm foundation.  Much like building a sand castle, starting by creating a strong center (people) and then creating and using a vision for what you want the castle (program)  to look like (future).

Strong People

Shaping well rounded people requires a multifaceted holistic approach.  TC looks first at physical health, which will include a physical fitness assessment and exercise prescription.  Second, a nutritional evaluation to assess gaps in food and supplement intake   Third, stress is evaluated to help people create a stress resilience / management plan.  Finally, all the assessments are brought together to guide individuals on a plan for success, health and wellness. 

Strong Programs

A strengths based assessment for conflict analysis will give insight into how the people in the organization function and will create an environment for a higher level of teamwork.

Grant Writing

Thirteen years of grant writing experience with successful competitive grants (Federal and Georgia) and managing the grants every step of the way until successful completion (including audits).  Very familiar with the Strategic Prevention Framework and the Public Health Model for prevention.